Optimizing Your GxP Supply Chain


Interim Management

Project Management


Are you facing a specific Supply Chain question or challenge?

Interim Management

Do you need specific and temporary support in your Supply Chain teams?

Project Management

I have proven track record in Supply Chain project management.

Capabilities & level

Strategy Alignment

Does your Supply Chain compete the same way your company does?

Supply Chain Planning

What are the components of successful Supply Chain Planning?

Supply Chain Execution

How do I convert my Supply Chain plans into action?

Inventory Optimization

What are my minimum inventory levels while still achieving OTIF and service level performance?

Systems Implementation

Supply Chain visibility; where do I get the information about my network, materials and processes?

Partner Collaboration

Why is partner collaboration a key differentiator in Supply Chain Management??

Supply Chain Strategy Alignment 85%
Supply Chain Planning 95%
Supply Chain Execution 100%
Network & Inventory Optimization 85%
Supply Chain Systems Implementation 100%
Strategic Sourcing/Partner Collaboration 75%


What drives me


I’m a supply chain enthusiast and a technology optimist. Never ‘just’ for technology’s sake but always to bridge the gap between a real business requirement and a technological innovation. 

I help organisations optimize their supply chains in order to give them competitive advantage. 

I believe there’s always ‘a better way’ and am continuously looking for improvement. I do this preferably in the life science industry with the ultimate goal to improve the lives of people.

My personality


I have a result driven, sharp and energetic personality. I am an enthusiastic organizer who loves to motivate and energize people. 

Being born in an entrepreneurial family, I consider myself a hard worker and committed to results. I’m persistent and have a ‘get the job done’ attitude.

My career


I finished my bachelor in industrial engineering and my master of science in business administration. My working career started as a consultant at Ernst & Young and there after Capgemini. I immediately specialized in logistics and later supply chain management. 

In 2004 I started my own consulting practice, focussing on supply chain leadership, project management and advisory services. I specialized into GxP regulated industries like pharma & food.

My work is typically in international environments. Having worked & lived in Barcelona, Boston, Manchester, Zug and Budapest. The last 10 years I’ve held (interim) leadership positions in various supply chain areas like planning, procurement and operations.

Why work with me

‘II have seen supply chain management done well. I’ve also seen it done poorly. Let me help you in achieving the first!’

Clear profile & focus

I have worked in supply chain my entire professional life. The majority of my experience is in GxP regulated industries. I’m an expert in:

  • Supply Chain team size, design and structure
  • Supply Chain goal & objective setting
  • Supply & Demand Planning
  • Sourcing & Materials Management
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Partner Collaboration
  • Supply Chain systems implementation

20 years of experience

I have a proven track record in supply chain consulting, line management and project management, including:

  • Setting up, professionalizing and leading Supply Chain organizations
  • Supply Chain goal & objective Setting
  • ERP implementations (e.g. Oracle, SAP)
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Supply Chain track & trace

Measurable results

I’ve always helped organisations optimize their supply chains in order to give them competitive advantage. Specific and measurable client results include:
  • Optimize inventory levels & working capital
  • Increased delivery reliability, OTIF
  • Decreasing disruptions/bull whip effect
  • Increased planning adherence
  • Increased forecast accuracy
  • Met the EU serialization due date, 3 months early
  • Supported various successful product launches


Biotech & Pharmaceuticals


High investments with uncertain outcome, complex product launches, extreme quality standards and focus on compliance (GxP) are some characteristics that make working in pharmaceutical and biotech industry so challenging. 

This also gives some specific requirements for operating a best-in-class supply chain (e.g. shelf life, full up-and downstream traceability, qualification & validation, data integrity, temperature control).

Food processing

Brouwer Consulting Food Industry

The transformation of agricultural products into food is facing some specific challenges like reducing the total environmental impact and improving food security. Contamination and spoilage problems in food processing can lead to significant health threats. 

Like Biotech and pharma, the food processing industry is heavily regulated and uses various control systems such as GxP, HACCP and FMEA to reduce the risk of harm. These characteristics lead to specific supply chain requirements


Brouwer Consulting Chemical Industry

Environment, Health & safety (EHS) and sustainability are very specific topics affecting today’s chemical industry. Chemicals companies are expected to act quickly (e.g. moving from fossil to renewable sources, carbon-negative solutions). 

A best-in-class supply chain can accommodate these developments.

Manufacturing, Automotive, Technology

Brouwer Consulting Manufacturing Industry

The challenges for traditional manufacturing industries are constantly changing environments, intertwined infrastructure, automation and digitalization. The shift to a ‘SMART Industry’ requires digitalizing the process which results in constant monitoring and analysis of data with the goal to timely adjust supply chain activities. 

‘Time to Insight’ should dramatically decrease so corrective actions can be taken timely.


Here’s a selection of my valued clients


“Duco has an exemplary reputation for his skills as a Senior Manufacturing and Supply Chain consultant. Working with him was a pleasure and we would definately not hesitate to cooperate with Duco in the future."
James Parker
Ntrinsic Consulting Europe
"Duco has proven to achieve results in complex environments. His ability to combine business knowledge in supply chain and ERP expertise is excellent. It was a pleasure to work with Duco: a nice guy, straightforward and honest."
John Schattorie
Deloitte Consulting
"Duco is a very experienced consultant. He works very well together with clients and adds a lot of value in discussions to map the Supply Chain business requirements with the IT-functionality of Supply Chain tools."
Erik Huynen
Ernst & Young Consulting
"I had the pleasure of having Duco on my Team when working on a large global Supply Chain project. Duco is a smart, skillful & hard working team player with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. He is analytically strong and his verbal and writing skills are excellent."
Todd Appleton
“I hired Duco as interim Supply Chain Manager for Infinitas Learning. Duco led the very successful transformation of the local sourcing to a consolidated, 5 Opco integrated global sourcing. Duco showed to be a skilled, hard working team player with a positive and enthusiastic attitude."
Harold Roelofs
Infinitas Learning
"Duco is a extraordinary personality with in depth Supply Chain process knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Above of all, I experienced him as a very friendly, helpful personality and fun to work with. Having him in the working team will obviously add business and motivation value."
Seno Soemadji


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